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Head Message
Prof. Dr. Md. Robiul Awall
Head of BECM

Welcome to the Department of Building Engineering & Construction Management (BECM). As a developing and over-populated country, Bangladesh often lacks importance in construction safety, proper construction management, eco-friendly infrastructures, time management of construction and professional structural guidance. In such cases, Building Engineering and Construction Management can impose as a viable option for sustainable infrastructural development by collaborating Civil E...


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Building Engineering & Construction Management (BECM), under the Faculty of Civil Engineering, started journey as a new department with 30 students in 2016 at Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET). This department functions as a center of teaching, learning and research in the field of study concerned with the technical performance of buildings, building materials, building systems and construction management.

As a developing and over-populated country, Bangladesh often lacks in construction safety, proper construction management, eco-friendly infrastructures, time management of construction and professional structural guidance. A BECM graduate will be able to learn about all the things that are needed to be known by an expert building engineer, thus, he can act like a project leader in any kind of challenging project. The area is broad enough to include construction technology, material science, architecture, heat and mass transport physics and structural design. Our graduates will be able to learn:

Project management of distinctive and specialized project;

Structural Engineering for building structures;

Foundation Engineering;

Construction safety management;

Earthquake Engineering for seismic risk;

Architecture for building planning, designing and construction structures;

Aesthetic and Moral development of a structure;

Maintaining the building's Digital Management;

Maximizing resource efficiency through economics;

Maintaining HVAC control of a building.

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Our vision is to achieve our reputation as a world-class teaching and research program that brings out trained building engineers with high technical competencies and the best skill-sets to cope with the ever evolving technology. By merging project management, architectural and structural designing works with technical expertise, we assure the best practices over high rises as well as focus on the new possibilities and future of building engineering and construction management through quality researches.

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1.     To provide the highest quality of education and training for the students to solve real-world problems for contributing towards the sustainable development of our country.

2.     To ensure the best practices over high rises, green buildings and earthquake resistant structures to cope with the new possibilities of worldwide infrastructural progress.

3.     To provide the best facilities and modern equipment for the students to bring out their best performances in research field.

4.     To develop the future project leaders with the most efficient theoretical programs for enhancing their intelligence, critical thinking and learning agility.

5.     To build-out the students with the best skill sets and expertise to ensure their self-development and career scope.

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Building Engineering & Construction Management is a sweet blend of various aspects from different disciplines. We are provided with structural analysis, design, building codes and safety, safe construction procedure, green and balanced structure, earthquake and seismic risk consideration, wind dynamics from civil engineering aspect.

From architecture, we lend building planning, designing, field form, space and regional function, social and aesthetic accommodation.

Maintenance, project management which comprises of project scope, budgeting, scheduling, setting goals and performance target are also some traits which makes us stand out off the previous disciples.    

We also have to focus on mechanical engineering for HVAC and mechanical service system, electrical engineering for power distribution and services, general physics for building logistic, lighting and acoustic, economics and accounting to maximize resource utilization and bring productive output. The management program, is overall settled for the students to develop a wide range of professional and industrial role and leadership.